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SquareOne Security

SquareOne Security is an informative site that leverages advanced product knowledge and a vast industry experience to provide our readers with current information from the field.

Contributors for SquareOne Security have an average of 15 years of experience in Information Technology.  Our Contributors also possess industry standard certifications in information technology and security (CISSP, GPEN, PMP) bringing together formal knowledge and best practices to create unique content and offer expert commentary.

Our Contributors

Donnie Green Jr., CISSP, CCISO, GPEN

Cybersecurity Engineer, Anne Arundel County Government

Donnie Green Jr., is the Cybersecurity Engineer for Anne Arundel County with over 20 years of experience in the information technology (IT) field. His career in the IT field began serving in the Air Force at the Pentagon. After completing his commitment to the Air Force he worked as a network engineer for the Chief Counsel of the IRS and NASA before transitioning to the cybersecurity field at NASA Headquarters. As an information security professional, Donnie has been responsible for performing security assessments, testing web applications, writing security policies, monitoring security controls, and implementing secure architectures at the Federal and local government level. He is certified as a CISSP, CCISO, and GPEN.

Patrick James, CISSP, C|EH, PMP, MCP

Information Technologist – SharePoint/Office 365 SME

Patrick James is the Principal Consultant for 330 AM Technologies.  His domain of expertise and core focus is SharePoint Online/Office 365. He has worked at multiple levels of government and continues to work with commercial and non-profit entities providing technology consulting services to support infrastructure and application security.  As a diversified credential holder and a professional who has worked in a variety of environments, he has a unique perspective that supports his ability to resolve client issues and develop innovative solutions.